Thursday, June 24, 2010

severn river, beaverdam 6-17

Tried the severn river for some specs. Went out with Justin. We were out there for about 6 hrs. I caught a 21 inch spec on a gulp swimming mullet. Had a few hits here and there, probably bluefish. Justin had a few hits but didn't stick any. Saw a bunch of rays swimming around on the flats. Alot of fishing for just one speck. We went to beaverdam after that for some topwater action. The action was hot right off the bat. We went to the right and I caught one right before the bridge. Justin had 4-5 hits and missed, then we started catching them. Caught them mostly on frogs and poppers. I caught a few off of a yum money maker. I ended up with 9 total biggest being just under 2 lbs. Justin managed 6, biggest being a solid 2lbs. The action lasted no more than a couple of hours, then it just died. After we went back under the bridge, caught a few more, had some missed hits, then decided to call it a night. The frogs were so loud, you couldn't even hear the bass smash the bait!

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