Thursday, June 24, 2010

Potomac 6-23

Launched out of belle haven marina around 4pm and fished till around 1030pm. Caught 8 bass total ranging from 12-14 inches. Most bass were caught on flukes and a white slugo. Close to dark, I switched to a buzzbait and had as many hits as I caught fish but only hooked up with 3 fish. I had one huge hit that sounded like an annoying beaver slapping its tail on the water but it completely missed my buzzbait. A couple of guys fishing next to me thought it might be a snake head. It was a good night, good topwater bite.

severn river, beaverdam 6-17

Tried the severn river for some specs. Went out with Justin. We were out there for about 6 hrs. I caught a 21 inch spec on a gulp swimming mullet. Had a few hits here and there, probably bluefish. Justin had a few hits but didn't stick any. Saw a bunch of rays swimming around on the flats. Alot of fishing for just one speck. We went to beaverdam after that for some topwater action. The action was hot right off the bat. We went to the right and I caught one right before the bridge. Justin had 4-5 hits and missed, then we started catching them. Caught them mostly on frogs and poppers. I caught a few off of a yum money maker. I ended up with 9 total biggest being just under 2 lbs. Justin managed 6, biggest being a solid 2lbs. The action lasted no more than a couple of hours, then it just died. After we went back under the bridge, caught a few more, had some missed hits, then decided to call it a night. The frogs were so loud, you couldn't even hear the bass smash the bait!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Potomac bass-6/16/10

Made it out to Bellhaven Marina to wet a line. I paddled out to a point with some fallen trees and started fishing a fluke. Had one bite in an hour. Went around the bend and found a pretty big grass bed right off the shore. Started fishing a little slower and caught 2 on the fluke. Switched to a Mann's baby 1- and caught 2 more. I saw a few bustin the top so I tied a buzzbait on. Immediately, I caught 3 bass in 5 casts. Kept fishing until the topwater bite died and switched to a 3 inch texas rigged wooly bug and caught 2 more pretty quickly. At that point, thunderstorms were rolling in so I decided to call it a day. Caught a total of 12 bass between 11 and 15 inches in 3 hrs. Since my camera is fried, couldn't get pics.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Key west sunset :)
20 inch pickerel, chipola creek
Key west sunset
Okefenokee swamp
3 lb'er from Lake seminole
Key west Grunt..neat looking fish
Nice 18 inch speck
Not so nice 11 inch spec :)
Jack Crevalle
June 4-14, went to florida on vacation. Brought a few rods along. We got into florida from alabama and stopped at chipola river. I caught a 20ish pickeral off a chatterbait. Next stop was Lake seminole. Mandi caught a bass around 3 lbs also on a chatterbait. Going down I-75 we fished the canals that ran along side the interstate without any luck. Made it down to the keys and spent a few days. On the way out, we fished the many bridges between the different keys. I managed 2 jack crevelle using a 3 inch pumpkin seed grub. Pound for pound, these fish are one of the hardest fighting fish I've battled! There a blast to catch. After the Keys, we stopped in titusville and fished for about an hour. I caught an 11 inch speck, Mandi landed an 18 inch speck. Then we headed to the Okefenokee swamp. We only caught bowfin that were 12-14 inches. The cool part though was the alligators that would swim to within 5 feet of where we were fishing, waiting for us to hook a fish! Whenever one of us would hook one, the gator would go after it. They snatched 2 fish as we were bringing them in! I got video of the gator going after one that I hooked but he didnt get it, still pretty cool.