Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Potomac 9-20-10

Got out around 1230 and fished the incoming tide. The bite was a little slower today compared to recently but I managed 8 total. Nothing to write home about but its always fun. Biggest fish was a 14 inch LMB caught on a super fluke. Landed a hard fighting 12 inch smallie using a watermelon red zoom tube. Everything else came on either a shad color crankbait, or a crawfish color crankbait. I also caught a 14 inch cat and probably the smallest striper i've ever seen. (just under 10 inches)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Potomac above chain bridge 9/14 and 9/17

Fished the outgoing tide on 9/13. Didn't have much luck for the first 2 hrs. Switched to a crawfish crankbait and started getting bit. Ended up with 6 smallies up to 16 inches, 3 largemouth up to 18 inches and 2 18 inch stripers.

Got a new camera today and had to get on the water and test it out. Went to the same place above the chain bridge. Lost a pretty nice smallie on a rapala. Got 2 more nice smallies, one 15 inches, one 16 inches on consecutive casts to the same spot. Caught a few more dinks then called it a night.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Its been a while!

Snake with bluegill in its mouth...we almost stepped on it!
If you look closely, you will see a bluegill that is twice the width of the snake in its mouth!
Bill with a rappahannock river smallie
Nice rappahannock river smallie/

15inch smallie on the potomac.
Nice 18inch largemouth on the potomac.

The leg scoop...ouch! Stabbed by the dorsal fin.
Mine is 11lb 4oz, Justin's is 10lb 6 oz, both citations!
Me fighting my citation sheepie
Here are a few pics from the last 2 months. Camera died so I havn't been able to take many pics. Here they are!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7-10-10 Gravely Point, Potomac

Launched somewhere new...Gravely Point on the Potomac. I fished for prob 3hrs. Went right from the boat ramp. Didn't catch anything for a few hours. Finally came upon a pipe with water gushing from it. Started throwing a spinnerbait and immediately got a good bite. Ended up being a 23 inch blue catfish, on a spinnerbait! Got nothing else there. I was heading back and the water started to erupt all around me! Threw the trusty fluke in the middle of it and got nailed! 2.5 lb bass. The feeding frenzy continued for around 30 min. Got a few blowups on topwater but they completly missed. Only ended up with the one bass. Good times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Potomac 6-23

Launched out of belle haven marina around 4pm and fished till around 1030pm. Caught 8 bass total ranging from 12-14 inches. Most bass were caught on flukes and a white slugo. Close to dark, I switched to a buzzbait and had as many hits as I caught fish but only hooked up with 3 fish. I had one huge hit that sounded like an annoying beaver slapping its tail on the water but it completely missed my buzzbait. A couple of guys fishing next to me thought it might be a snake head. It was a good night, good topwater bite.

severn river, beaverdam 6-17

Tried the severn river for some specs. Went out with Justin. We were out there for about 6 hrs. I caught a 21 inch spec on a gulp swimming mullet. Had a few hits here and there, probably bluefish. Justin had a few hits but didn't stick any. Saw a bunch of rays swimming around on the flats. Alot of fishing for just one speck. We went to beaverdam after that for some topwater action. The action was hot right off the bat. We went to the right and I caught one right before the bridge. Justin had 4-5 hits and missed, then we started catching them. Caught them mostly on frogs and poppers. I caught a few off of a yum money maker. I ended up with 9 total biggest being just under 2 lbs. Justin managed 6, biggest being a solid 2lbs. The action lasted no more than a couple of hours, then it just died. After we went back under the bridge, caught a few more, had some missed hits, then decided to call it a night. The frogs were so loud, you couldn't even hear the bass smash the bait!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Potomac bass-6/16/10

Made it out to Bellhaven Marina to wet a line. I paddled out to a point with some fallen trees and started fishing a fluke. Had one bite in an hour. Went around the bend and found a pretty big grass bed right off the shore. Started fishing a little slower and caught 2 on the fluke. Switched to a Mann's baby 1- and caught 2 more. I saw a few bustin the top so I tied a buzzbait on. Immediately, I caught 3 bass in 5 casts. Kept fishing until the topwater bite died and switched to a 3 inch texas rigged wooly bug and caught 2 more pretty quickly. At that point, thunderstorms were rolling in so I decided to call it a day. Caught a total of 12 bass between 11 and 15 inches in 3 hrs. Since my camera is fried, couldn't get pics.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Key west sunset :)
20 inch pickerel, chipola creek
Key west sunset
Okefenokee swamp
3 lb'er from Lake seminole
Key west Grunt..neat looking fish
Nice 18 inch speck
Not so nice 11 inch spec :)
Jack Crevalle
June 4-14, went to florida on vacation. Brought a few rods along. We got into florida from alabama and stopped at chipola river. I caught a 20ish pickeral off a chatterbait. Next stop was Lake seminole. Mandi caught a bass around 3 lbs also on a chatterbait. Going down I-75 we fished the canals that ran along side the interstate without any luck. Made it down to the keys and spent a few days. On the way out, we fished the many bridges between the different keys. I managed 2 jack crevelle using a 3 inch pumpkin seed grub. Pound for pound, these fish are one of the hardest fighting fish I've battled! There a blast to catch. After the Keys, we stopped in titusville and fished for about an hour. I caught an 11 inch speck, Mandi landed an 18 inch speck. Then we headed to the Okefenokee swamp. We only caught bowfin that were 12-14 inches. The cool part though was the alligators that would swim to within 5 feet of where we were fishing, waiting for us to hook a fish! Whenever one of us would hook one, the gator would go after it. They snatched 2 fish as we were bringing them in! I got video of the gator going after one that I hooked but he didnt get it, still pretty cool.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

togs 5-7

Went toggin with Justin. The plan was to try for bull reds at the shoals but it was blowin a little too much for the shoals in a kayak. We went to the ships for tog. Caught my first 3 tog ever. None came close to slot but it was a blast. Never knew a 10 inch fish could pull so hard! Also landed my first oyster toad, those guys are feisty. Cool looking fish though. Justin managed 3 tog, biggest being 16 inches, and 2 sea mullet. Afterwards, went to Smith lake in norfolk. I got 1 small bass off of a super fluke. Justin dragged in a bass that weighed around 4 lb , 21 inches. Great day of fishing. Hope to get out to the shoals next week.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beaverdam 5-5-10

Went to beaverdam with Bobby. We bought a couple dozen minnows and fished them under bobbers, which is a first for me. Never targeted bass with minnows. Went across the lake to the cove with the standing timber at the mouth. Started fishing the bank the opposite side of the timber. Threw my minnow out and after a couple of minutes, it started going crazy...jumping and skipping across the top. Then....BAM. A 2 lb bass nailed on the top. In the next 30 min I boated 3 more bass, 2 on minnow and one on 10 inch culprit. The biggest was between 3 and 3.5 lbs. Bobby had some bites but missed. Kinda slow the rest of the day. Towards the evening, I got one on topwater and 4 on a super fluke. Bobby landed a chain pickerel that missed citation by 1 inch, measuring 23 inches. Good day on the water. pics soon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

fishing since 3/23

Nice blue cat, bad pic:)

blue cat on the potomac.

occaquan reservoir

Ben with his biggest cat of the morning, not as big as mine;)

So, have not posted for a while. So I'm just gonna post some pics for now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3/23 piscataway

10 inch yellow perch.
1st one of the day:)
Went to Piscataway creek with Justin. Water temperature was 57 degrees. Got out on the water around 1100. Low tide was around 1430. Paddled upstream and cast to a dock on the right with a 2 inch strike king swimbait. Caught a 9 inch yellow perch pretty quickly. Justin got bit around the same area but didn't hook up. Fished for probably another 1-2 hrs without anything. Justin found minnows hugging the shoreline and managed to knock a few on shore with his paddle. I followed suit. Caught 1 crappie on minnows. Justin caught a nice crappie on a grub, and a small catfish on a minnow. As we started to head back, we hit the docks along the way. It was then that we figured out they were really relating to the structure. We started fishing any docks, pilings, laydowns we could see. Justin caught a bass, some crappie, and perch at the dock right before the second bend upstream. I went back to the dock that I first caught the perch and caught 4 more on a 2 inch chartreuse/orange grub. Figured out there is a 4-6 foot drop at the pilons right before the bridge. Justin hammered the crappie there with a chartreuse grub. Caught a few at the bridge then called it a day after no luck at the docks past the bridge. I caught 8 and probably missed more than that. Justin ended up with 10+. Mixture of bass, crappie, white perch, yellow perch, and catfish. Good times.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Potomac 3/21

Got out this past sunday. Launched the kayak at old town in alexandria, paddled across the potomac to a cove next to the Wilson bridge. I had been fishing for a couple of hours without a bite. Came up to a fallen tree and started fishing it with a jig. Second cast, had a nice thump. Hooked up and it felt big!! I get it up to the kayak and it was about a 28 inch catfish! I was looking for a bass but I'll take it. It flopped around for a few seconds and then threw the hook. Had one bite the rest of the day and missed. Supposed to rain 4 days this week:) Hopefully I'll be able to wet a line.

More fishing-2008-2009

Nice slot red, pretty pic.

My buddy Justin with a nice Kipto striper.
Hot ditch speck.
This trip was a blast, Justin and Austin holding Justin's 1st sailfish, caught out of oregon inlet.
This is fisherman's island, taking a break from fishing (not catching) bull reds.

Hooked up with a 90 ish lb Tarpon!! Boca Grande, FL.

There it is! 90 ish lb tarpon, it was almost lunch for a hammerhead shark!

Mandi's first potomac river sunfish:)


Potomac river smallmouth.
This 2.5 lb largemouth fell for a crawdad colored crankbait bouncing off the rocks.

3lb potomac largemouth

Nice yellow perch caught in piscataway creek.

20 inch speck caught at elizabeth river hot ditch(where else:)