Sunday, May 9, 2010

togs 5-7

Went toggin with Justin. The plan was to try for bull reds at the shoals but it was blowin a little too much for the shoals in a kayak. We went to the ships for tog. Caught my first 3 tog ever. None came close to slot but it was a blast. Never knew a 10 inch fish could pull so hard! Also landed my first oyster toad, those guys are feisty. Cool looking fish though. Justin managed 3 tog, biggest being 16 inches, and 2 sea mullet. Afterwards, went to Smith lake in norfolk. I got 1 small bass off of a super fluke. Justin dragged in a bass that weighed around 4 lb , 21 inches. Great day of fishing. Hope to get out to the shoals next week.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beaverdam 5-5-10

Went to beaverdam with Bobby. We bought a couple dozen minnows and fished them under bobbers, which is a first for me. Never targeted bass with minnows. Went across the lake to the cove with the standing timber at the mouth. Started fishing the bank the opposite side of the timber. Threw my minnow out and after a couple of minutes, it started going crazy...jumping and skipping across the top. Then....BAM. A 2 lb bass nailed on the top. In the next 30 min I boated 3 more bass, 2 on minnow and one on 10 inch culprit. The biggest was between 3 and 3.5 lbs. Bobby had some bites but missed. Kinda slow the rest of the day. Towards the evening, I got one on topwater and 4 on a super fluke. Bobby landed a chain pickerel that missed citation by 1 inch, measuring 23 inches. Good day on the water. pics soon.