Thursday, February 2, 2012

First trip of 2012

It had been over a month since I last went fishing. I was finally able to get out. I went to Piscataway creek in Tappahannock for yellow perch. I got there a little after 1pm. After a short paddle I was fishing. I fished for 2 1/2 hrs without any bites. First trip of the year and I was well on my way to being skunked. I finally decided to venture away to try some new water. It paid off. I paddled just upstream to where a feeder creek flowed in and started fishing. Got bit on my 1st cast and landed my first fish of the year, an 8 inch yellow perch. Not big but I'll take it. In the next 30 min I landed 3 more about the same size. I decided to go upstream a little more to try a channel drop that Justin Mayer told me about. I immediately started to get bit. Managed to land four more, three yellow perch around 8 inches and a crappie that went 8 inches. At that point, it was starting to get dark so I went back to my first spot. Caught another perch and a largemouth that went 16 inches. The bite slowed after that so I called it a day. They were biting on a 2 inch chartreuse grub with an orange tail. Ended up with 8 yellow perch, 1 crappie and a bass. Good times:)

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